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Voodoo Spell Black Magic Expert baba ji  or Healing Art? In a darkened room, a decrepit, elderly woman sits with her eyes wide open, holding a doll made of old fabric and a long, sharp needle in her other hand. After mumbling unintelligible hand gestures and a short, dramatic pause she laughs as she drives the needle into the doll’s heart. These scenes, as shown on TV and movies, limit people’s understanding of Voodoo, which is a practice that employs various forms of  Hoodo black magic expert baba ji to curse and hex, and haunts.

This stereotyping of Voodoos is serious because it is not what the media portrays.

Voodoo is spiritually-centered and relies on natural resources such as herbs to connect with the spiritual realm to bring about balance in one’s life. A common aspect of Hoodo black magic expert baba ji that is often overlooked is its connection with modern medicine, which ties it to both mentals as well as physical healing. Emilie Townes, Stephanie Mitchem and Stephanie Mitchem claim that Voodoos originated in the south in the early 1800s. It was based in areas populated primarily by black slaves. They “tried to manipulate invisible forces to affect the human condition …”.” Townes and Mitchem explained that African Americans relied on their local healers and doctors for many health issues. Even after emancipation, it was too costly to seek professional medical attention so they turned to the [Voodoo] healers (4, 5).

 Voodoo is considered a spiritual, nature-centered practice with many benefits.

One of the main components of Voodoo, is healing. This, as I mentioned, refers to the use of natural remedies for various mental and physical conditions. It is possible that our society has become so dependent on unpronounceable names of drugs and long lists of side effects that natural healing is often dismissed. However, there is no denying that Voodoo has a direct connection to the health and well-being for those who believe it. Doctors have confirmed that many of the natural remedies found in Voodoo are key ingredients in several medications. These connections include natural remedies for healing and the placebo effect. Helen Pilcher calls the nocebo effect the “evil twin” of the placebo effect (30-33). These three elements are key to mental health and can have a significant impact on a person’s overall physical health. To understand the healing powers of Voodoo Spell Black Magic Expert baba ji    and their relationship to wellness, it is necessary to dispel myths about the practice. We must examine the religious, magical, spiritual, as well as natural aspects of Voodoo in order to fully understand it. People should not rely on television to give accurate, real, and unexaggerated information. Instead, they should consult reliable sources such as authors, professors and Hoodoo practitioners before making an opinion about the often misunderstood practice. People’s negative perception of  Voodoos stems primarily from misrepresentations they see in media.

This includes zombie movies and television shows like American Horror Story:

Coven. These show Voodoo as a tool witches use for casting spells, curses and hexes to make their enemies miserable. (Commonly accomplished by zombie-raising–a crowd pleaser). These types of television shows are well-known for their tendency to dramatize mysteries and exaggerate controversial aspects to appeal to viewers. Experts agree thatHoodo black magic expert baba ji  has a bad reputation. As is the case with many spiritual beliefs and practices, even though they are intended to promote well being, people can manipulate them to cause damage. The negatives can often overshadow the positives. This leads to the labeling of entire groups of people based on the unscrupulous acts or actions of a few people.

This is true for Voodoo. Although the practice is meant to positively impact human life,

the misuse of it by a few practitioners and its melodramatic media portrayal have tarnished its image, disregarding its important connection to modern medicine’s natural aspects. Although a few people seem to agree with the stereotypes, others who have studied Voodoos disagree with the stereotypical depiction. One thing that seems to be universally accepted is the reliance on magic in Voodoos. However, it is the magic itself that is often misunderstood. Megan Lane’s   Heritage, A Brief History of American Folk Religion, describes Voodoo conjure as “an intricate system of magical, herbalism and divination that is often mistakenly dismissed as simple sorcery and fortune telling”. Lane believes that Voodoo magic is a combination of spiritual beliefs, practices, African-originated traditions, and spiritual beliefs. Lane also agrees that America has misunderstood Voodoo as it is with other African religious traditions. This is especially true in the American film industry which seems preoccupied with zombies (3). While I agree that Voodoo may be misunderstood because of its mysterious rituals, I also believe that it’s bad reputation is due to its African slave origins and the narrow-minded belief that “black” is bad. Lane claims that the media exploits people’s ignorance about Voodoo.

 The media has made Voodoo a villainous practice by portraying it as such, reinforcing stereotypes about it.

Lane criticizes the media-influenced stereotypical version of Voodoo. It distorts the public’s vision and prevents society seeing it as the traditional practice that it is. One that is centered in magic, spirituality and naturalism. Renaldo J. maduro’s article, “Voodoo Possession In San Francisco: Notes On Therapeutic Aspects Of Regression”, opens the discussion on the spirituality behind Voodoo. Lane believes that the media’s judgment-blurring misrepresentations have distorted the truth about Voodoo Spell Black Magic Expert baba ji  Maduro examines the roots of Voodoo, identifying it as a system and practice that was inspired by the mingling of “African religions”, animism and Catholicism (427). Voodoo’s strong connection to the Catholic faith is an important component. Particularly in possession rituals1, the Catholic influence is apparent. Maduro explained that a possession is when a spirit occupies the body of the possessor, which allows communication between the natural and spiritual worlds. Voodoo is believed to be a form of possession. The host of the spirit is said to “receive the Holy Ghost” which is part of the Trinity and is a symbol for Catholicism. Maduro says that possession is not a negative connotation or negative perception of Catholicism. Maduro attempts to explain the relationship of Voodoo Spell Black Magic Expert baba ji   and those who adhere to traditional, accepted religious beliefs. Dr. Jeffrey E. Anderson, however, offers a different 1 Another word that tends to cause fear (thanks for movies like The Exorcist). In his book Voodoo, Voodoo, and Conjure,

A Handbook, Anderson argues that Voodoo is not religiously relevant.

Lane and Maduro are contradicted by Anderson, who asserts that Voodoo is simply a collection of magical beliefs with very little reference to religious worship and deities. Anderson appears to be promoting the media’s stereotypes. He insists that Voodoo is a form of magic meant to cast spells and not a practice of religious traditions derived primarily from Voodoo (an African folk religion). Anderson questions the legitimacy of Voodoo and claims that “[Voodoo Spell Black Magic Expert baba ji    ] practitioners usually limit their duties to casting spells and telling fortunes for paying clients.” These are not practices typically associated with traditional religious practices (xi). Professor, lecturer, and author Katrina Hazzard–Donald provides a more detailed interpretation of the interests of Voodoo practitioners, which seems to be in line with Maduro’s thinking. She argues in her book Mojo Workin’,

The Old African American Voodoo System that some still believe in the Voodoo practitioners’ magical abilities to harm.

For example, they can cause hair loss, paralysis, financial disaster and ugliness to be blind. According to Hazzard-Donald, practitioners have a greater purpose than Anderson’s description of them as charm-makers, spell-casters, and doll-probers. She insists that practitioners have much more specific roles. Hazzard-Donald recognizes that there are many types of Hoodo black magic expert baba ji  medical practitioners. Although their practices may differ, herbal treatment is the same for all. Hazzard-Donald describes Voodoo doctors as “skilled herbists, skilled in both the identification and use of natural substances such as natural clay dirt or insect nests”, (137).

Each type of healer is specialized in a specific area, just like doctors. For example, doctor-midwives (also known as medicine women) focus on herbal treatments and the “matters that romance and touch the heart,” while “treaters”, (146), specialize in the use of herbs, roots, prayers and rituals to bring about positive changes in patients’ lives (146). However, all herbal healers have their own remedies and created their local pharmacopoeia, or collection of medicines. Hazzard-Donald continues to highlight the positive aspects of Voodoo medicine by presenting another method that uses Voodoo medicine.

This one involves different types of string that are used to tie “sacred healin’ knots” (147). The procedure can be used to treat a variety of symptoms depending on how many knots are tied and where the string is located. It’s also considered a “powerful protective device”. Lane emphasizes the healing aspects of . However, Hazzard-Donald also points out that natural elements of Voodoo can be used to harm. Lane recognizes the importance of the spiritual and natural worlds in Voodoo but cautions that these elements do not influence the outcome of magic. Lane says the key to understanding this concept is understanding that spiritual energy can be seen as neutral, and the way conjure is manifested depends entirely on the personality and nature of the practitioner. Lane insists that Voodoo does not have an intrinsic good or bad quality. Instead, it is highly dependent on the practitioner and their benevolent or malign intentions. Lane’s supporters tend to respect Voodoo just like they would other religions or belief systems.

They also believe that any practice with bad intentions can have negative consequences.

Voodoo magic is, however, more often used to improve quality of life, as Lane suggests. Arthur Flowers, a University of Memphis professor and practitioner, is a supporter of this idea. He distinguishes between folk magic from high magic, which he believes Voodoo has adopted. Flowers explained to Reginald Martin that he doesn’t focus on folk magic but rather on “high magic” and uses this to describe Voodoo in contemporary culture. Flowers, like most practitioners, also reiterates the notion that Voodoo does not pose a danger or is dangerous as the media portrays it to be. Flowers asserts that high magic is the driving force behind Voodoo. It “is about changing reality, shaping generations [and] [enhancing ]… human condition.” (4) Flowers believes that Voodoo’s social significance is crucial and that high magic is what “makes this world go around”. It seems that Voodoo can be interpreted in many ways, according to how its practitioner uses it.

This is evident from the discussions among students. It is clear that Voodoo has a role in spiritual and physical healing.

However, it is often overlooked for its medicinal aspects. Natural healing may not be feasible for some people because of this oversight. However, there have been numerous accounts of people who were both mentally and physically affected by the Voodoo practitioners’ use of natural resources. Although there is a clear connection between wellness and Voodoo, the many ways they are linked warrant further investigation. While some people may not believe in natural cures for illness, medical professionals have confirmed that modern medications can be derived from natural remedies such as those used to heal Voodoos. Steven Ehrlich from the University of Maryland Medical Center claims ginger, which is a root used in Voodoo-healing, can help prevent or treat nausea from motion sickness, pregnancy and cancer chemotherapy. It can also be used to treat mild stomach upset and to decrease pain from osteoarthritis.

Although it seems that society is skeptical about natural remedies as they aren’t available in pill form, Dr. Jason Pizzola, a Family Practice physician, confirms that many of these natural remedies are key components of today’s common medications. “We can chew the bark from a Willow tree, and it will ease our pain,” he explained. “We are very exact about how much we use.” Bayer aspirin contains 325 mg of salicylic acids. But if you chew on the bark of a willow tree, it is unknown how many milligrams. Medicine was founded upon the use of natural resources. Modern medicine has many aspects that are similar to   natural healing methods.


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